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Pylons on Allotments

Waterloo Meadows Pylon

Waterloo Meadows Pylon

Yesterday (9 April 2015) a new style of pylon, the T pylon, was launched. Apparently it is the first new design in 90 years and you can see it in Nottinghamshire (1). Waterloo Meadows allotments has a wonderful pylon, that has been there since 1963. As an allotment feature it is not unique. In recently published book, ‘Growing Space – a history of the allotment movement’, Lesley Acton mentions Waterloo Meadows and also London sites Wanstead Park Road, Thornton Road and Leyes Road (2).

If you google ‘Pylons on Allotments’, there are lots of lovely images of pylons on allotments (including from this blog). I also discovered ‘Pylon Allotments’ a new site in West Sussex. Must be worth a visit for pylon and allotment lovers.


(1) – accessed 10.4.15

(2) Acton, Lesley. Growing Space Рa history of the allotment movement. p141.

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