Acknowledgements & Sources

Here you will find all the people and organisations that I must thank for helping me with this project and my Bibliography.


Thank you to:

Reading Borough Council, Parks Department for allowing me access to the allotments to photograph them, helping me with information requests and providing and caring for most of Reading’s allotments.

Berkshire Record Office for a wonderful research facility. (BRO).

Reading Borough Library especially the  Local Studies Collection for providing accessible maps and other local records as well as books. (RBL)

Reading Borough Library Local Illustrations (many digitised and viewable on-line) (RBLI)

Royal Agricultural Show England and the Honorary Librarian for permission to reproduce the plans from the 1926 Royal Agricultural Show.

Caversham Primary School for permission to use a photograph from their archive.

Reading Museum for providing great galleries,  access to collections and reference materials.

Jeremy Burchardt for answering my e-mail when I had just begun this project.

My neighbours and fellow allotment holders for sharing my enthusiasm for the subject.

And of course my husband.


Specific references are included in the blog posts.

Jeremy Burchardt, The Allotment Movement in England 1793-1873, Royal Historical Society Studies in History.

Christopher Hill, The World Turned Upside Down. Penguin Books.

E.J.Hobsbawm & George Rude, Captain Swing. Readers Union.

John Clare, Selected Poetry. Penguin Poetry Library.

Waterloo Sunrise, edited by Julie Wickham and Mike Cox. Published by the Katesgrove Community Book Project, 1999

Daphne Philips. The Story of Reading, Countryside Books.

Earley Local History Group, Suttons Seeds – A History 1806-2006.

Stuart Hylton, A Reading Century. Sutton Publishing.

Ian Beckett, Home Front 1914-1918, How Britain Survived the Great War. The National Archives.

Geoff Bridger, The Great War Handbook. Pen & Sword Books.

Alan Alexander, Borough Government and Politics. Reading 1835-1985. George Allen and Unwin.

Stuart Hylton, Reading at War. Sutton Publishing.

Paul Clayden, The Law of Allotments. 5th Edition. Sweet & Maxwell.

Mark Clapson, Working Class Suburb. Social change on an English council estate, 1930-2010. Manchester University Press.

Ruegg, Robert (2010) ‘Allotment Rules’ in Burchardt, J & Cooper, J (Eds) Breaking New Ground: Nineteenth century allotments from local sources, 2010, FACHRS.

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